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Magnolia Table Volume 2 : A Collection of Recipes for Gathering


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Joanna Gaines is a co-founder and co-owner of the Magnolia Market, Magnolia Realty, and Magnolia Homes in Waco, Texas, and her husband, Chip Gaines. They both are also hosts of the HGTV’s fixer Upper. Joanna plays the role of lead designer, and her husband manages the architecture. The simple, old hard-working ways of life are valuable to Joanna, and she values them in all of their aspects. Her most popular publication is Magnolia Table Volume 2 : A Collection of Recipes for Gathering.

Magnolia Tables is a cookbook written by Joanna Gaines and Marah Stets. In this book, Joanna shared many recipes that her family is loving. She always tries to discover new recipes for her home. Some recipes are included from Joanna and Chip's restaurant Magnolia Table.

She was also famous for her name” Jo” or “Jo Jo” by her friends. Joanna belongs to Kansas and grew in the Lone Star State. The author completed her graduation from Baylor University in Communications. She was much inspired to enter into the world of flawless design in New York City. 

Joanna’s NYC-inspired ideas of home decor and eye for stylish design made their way back to Waco, where she opened Magnolia Market. After this setup, she figured that her husband’s Construction experience and skills would help her pursue this career professionally. So, they both started renovating and flipping houses. 

The author believes that if you want to join the family and sit together with all family members, there is no better way other than to prepare a delicious meal and serve all of them. There are almost 125 recipes that consist of the Lunch, Breakfast, Dinner and small plate snacks category. These recipes are made even more delicious by incorporating fresh ingredients from Magnolia Table’s garden. Everyone will love these recipes!


Currently, Joanna and Chip started writing their autobiography together. This autobiography consists of their life incidents, how they met? Where was their first meeting conducted? What was their first home remodelling task, and how they were able to manage a show being Co-hosts? 

While Joanna enjoys life on their farm, her writing on her blog, and cooking family recipes for her blog, she also films for Fixer Upper, renovates their home, and manages the Magnolia businesses. She finds solace in gardening, and she adores spending time with her four children.

This book includes personal stories of the writers cooking experiences along with beautiful pictures. So, you will find this book as an invitation to join Joanna’s family table at a meal. 

If you have a passion for cooking and love to experience new recipes by following easy steps, this book Magnolia Table Volume 2 is for you. You can download this delicious recipe book from the link we have presented here. Though, you can read the complete book online here.

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