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Uncanny Valley A Memoir


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Anna Wiener, author of the Uncanny Valley: A Memoir, is an American writer. She is famous for her memoir that she wrote in 2020. Currently, she is working for The New Yorker as a tech correspondent. 

Wiener belongs to Brooklyn, worked in tech in New York and shifted to San Francisco. Her interest in writing for the tech department grew as she felt this gave her the impetus and spirit to write. Alongside this, this is one of the broad books publications categories. 

Uncanny Valley: A Memoir is a book written by Anna Wiener in 2020. In this, she has told about her writing journey. She started with the publishing industry and moved to the tech industry, and what were her jobs at different tech companies. And finally, how she left the technology industry.

In this book, Wiener tells why she quit her job in New York, where she was previously working as a freelance copy editor and literary agency assistant. It was her desire to move to San Francisco that forced her to take this decision. 

Her interest in data was also intense, mainly how it might be used to tell stories. As a result of her experience in San Francisco, she became friends with Stripe CEO Patrick Collison and worked for an analytics startup and GitHub.

Anna did not mention the locations and names of the companies where she worked or associated within her book Uncanny Valley. When she worked for many years in San Francisco, she decided to quit the tech industry. 


There were many reasons behind this decision; however, they were never gaining sufficient technical data by Edward Snowden. After the tech industry, she started to write about Silicon Valley, and till the present date, she is writing for this industry. 

Wiener feels out of place amongst the tech executives and engineers she meets at her new job despite her rising salary and generous work benefits because of the publishing industry’s restrictive norms and shrinking revenue.

In order to find the best fit for her, she switched between several companies. Eventually, she settled on the open-source coding company GitHub where she was allotted a customer service representative position. Although she finds this job stressful, she continued her work there and decided to stick with the company as there are some significant benefits there. One of them is working from home. 

The nature of the text in this book is fascinating, funny and easy to read. Taking on a world plagued by consequences its unwitting designers only begin to comprehend, Uncanny Valley is an unflinching examination of a world at a crossroads.

Readers will gain plenty of knowledge and interesting facts from this memoir. You can read the entire book by downloading it from the link given on this page. However, you can continue reading the book online.

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