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How to Do Nothing Book : Resisting the Attention Economy


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Jenny Odell is an American writer, artist, and educator who belongs to Oakland, California. She wrote several publications including, How To Do Nothing Book: Resisting the attention Economy, published in 2019.

Odell was born in San Francisco but grew up in Cupertino, California. She earned her graduate degree in English Literature from UC Berkeley in 2008 and completed a Master’s Degree in Design & Technology from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2010.

Her How to Do Nothing Book: Resisting the Attention Economy discusses “disconnecting from the attention economy.” This book is one of the New York Times bestsellers. In a time when technology collapses our lives into 24/7 availability, platforms for marketing, and products to buy, doing Nothing is the most radical thing we can do. 

For instance, some of Odell’s work uses images from Google Earth or Google Maps. She is also known for taking close-up shots of birds and screens. Previously, she eminently qualified for the position of artist-in-residence at the Internet Archive in 2017. 

Jenny Odell offers a thoughtful and insightful set of recommendations for resisting the capitalist narrative of productivity and technological determinism to make us more connected.


An elusive generation that is credited with overspending on avocados and flat whites while also harming the economy. The millennials were also born between the mid-1980s and mid-1990s, the last generation of anyone born before the internet.

Provocative, timely, and utterly persuasive, How to do Nothing is much more than a back-to-nature meditation or a screed against technology. It is an action plan for transforming how we examine our connection to one another and the world.

According to the author, we can move beyond the status quo of governing, restore humanistic conceptions of health. And prosperity, and reimagine our relationship with the environment.

The author writes, we can undertake bolder forms of political action, reimagine humankind’s role in the background. And arrive at more meaningful understandings of happiness and progress.

This inspiring book demonstrates how we can still get our lives back simply by dropping out of an attention economy. So, readers will gain knowledge from this book. You can read the whole book by downloading it from the link given here. Moreover, you can continue reading it online here.

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