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AI Superpowers : China Silicon Valley, and the New World Order


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Kai-Fu Lee is a Taiwanese-born American computer scientist, writer, and businessman whose current residence is in Beijing, China. When he was doing his Ph.D., he developed a speech recognition system that was his thesis at Carnegie Mellon. Download now the PDF AI Superpowers : China Silicon Valley, and the New World Order

Lee worked as an executive at SGi, Apple, Microsoft, and Google. A legal dispute opened between Google and Microsoft in 2005 because Lee had a one-year non-compete agreement that he signed with Microsoft in 2000 when he worked as corporate vice president of inactive services. 

AI Superpowers : China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order is a non-fiction book by a Chinese Expert, venture capitalist, and Artificial Intelligence pioneer, Kai-Fu Lee.

He wrote his book AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order in 2018 to show the world how fast China is running on the success track to take the lead of AI worldwide.

Kai-Fu Lee is among the most prominent persons in the Chinese internet department; he served as a founding director of Microsoft Research Asia from 1998 to 2000. From July 2005 to September 2009, he remained the president of Google China. 

Kai-Fu developed a website, Wǒxuéwǎng, to help the young Chinese people help in their studies and careers. Besides this, his Ten Letters to Chinese students spread on the web widely. As a blogger, he is being followed by most Chinese, especially on Sina Weibo, where he has 50 million followers. 

This book predicts that China will take over the United States one day because China has established demographics and accumulated massive data sets. On September 28, 2018, he stated that Artificial Intelligence would never be able of creativity and empathy with all its powers and qualities. 

More About AI Superpowers : China Silicon Valley:

He said that the speed with which AI is making progress shows that very soon. Some dramatic changes in society will be happening, and all this will happen sooner than any of us may expect. The author urges the USA and China that they both should take on their responsibilities that are associated with the vital technological powers. 

Some IT experts predict that AI will have a significant impact on blue jobs. But Lee said that it would have a substantial impact on blue-collar jobs and white-collar jobs equally. So what is the solution to this problem? Universe’s basic income? In Lee’s opinion, this is not the solution, though. 

In his book, he marked the jobs that AI will affect and which will be safe from it. He showed the ways how someone could enhance current positions with the help of AI. Lee also gives the solution to overcome the issues found in human history and are on the way to come in the world. 

You can learn a lot from this book about Artificial Intelligence. So, download this book from the link given here and read the book. Besides this, you can choose to continue reading it online if you want. 

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