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Treasure Island Book by Robert Louis Stevenson


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Robert Louis Stevenson was a Scottish novelist, travel writer, and poet famous for his work Treasure Island, strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Kidnapped, and A Child’s Garden of Verses. However, he was born in Edinburgh and got his early education from there.  The Treasure Island Book by Robert Louis Stevenson is his famous work.

Treasure Island, a book by Robert Louis Stevenson, describes the story of the buccaneers and buried gold. This story is originally written for boys. This book is considered a coming of age story known for its characters, atmosphere, and action.

In 1882 this book was serialized in a children’s magazine, Young Folks, entitled Treasure Island or the Mutiny of Hispaniola. Moreover, In 1883 the publisher Cassel & Co. published this story as a book. 

This book is full of adventure and action. The story started when the first competition was held between Admiral Benbow and young Jim Hawkins for treasure on a tropical isle. Treasure Island can eliminate the concepts of generations from readers’ minds by its scenes and characters. The story is mainly about the conflict between good and evil. 

More About Treasure Island Book:

Robert sustained from health issues, severe bronchial problems for much of his life. But he did not abandon writing and maintained his work prolifically and traveled a lot. He got inspiration from Andrew Lang, Edmund Gosse, W.E. Henley, and Leslie Stephen and write a Treasure Island book. 

After some years, the touch of romance and adventure vanished from his books, and he transformed towards darker realism rather than fantasy, etc. He died in 1894 in his Island home. But his work is still widely read by people. In recent years, Stevenson was ranked as the 26th most translated author in the world. 

It is the narrative of ambiguous rogue Long John Silver, associated with greed, daring, and disloyalty. Moreover, many scholars considered this novel a dream of high romance and a faraway horizon. Furthermore, It is said that this story can make happy men of all ages. 

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