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The Color Purple


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Alice Malsenior Talalullah-kate Walker, briefly named Alice Walker, is an American short story writer, novelist, social activist, and poet. Her book The Color Purple was published in 1982. 

In 1982, Walker published the novel, The Color Purple, which is considered her best work. This novel demonstrates the story of a young black woman who's been in trouble finding her way through the racist white culture and patriarchal black culture.

She won the National Book Award for hardcover fiction and the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for this book. The author wrote many other books including, Meridian and The Third Life of Grange Copeland. 

During her final year at Sarah Lawrance, when Alice was a student in East Africa, she wrote poems to culminate in her first poetry book titled Once. Her mentor Muriel Rukeyser showed the poems written by Walker to her agent. And finally, Once was published after four years of Harcourt brace Jovanovich. 

More About The Color Purple:

Together with the continuation of the graduation, she began working for the New York City Department of Welfare before returning to the south. Walker worked as an advisor also in black history to the friends of the Children of Mississippi Head Start program. 

While serving as a consultant in 1970, she published her first novel, The Third Life of Grange Copeland. The novel consists of an abusive husband, an Irresponsible sharecropper, and a father named Grange Copeland. WAlker also used to teach a course to Black Women Writers at the University of Massachusetts Boston. 

This book was adapted as a film and music with its original name in 1985, directed by Stephen Spielberg, and got critically acclaimed. The Color Purple is regarded as one of the most challenging books of 200-2009 and ranked seventeen out of hundred. In 2003, this book was declared UK’s best-loved novels on the BBC’s The Big Read Poll. 

The story started with a 14-years old poor, uneducated girl named Celie who lived in the southern United States in the early 1900s. She was being raped and beaten by her dad, Alphonso. So, she wrote letters to God and asked for his help. Celie gave birth to a boy named Adam, who was the result of Alphons’s rapes.

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She was not aware where Alphonso had taken her son, but she thought he had killed him; after that, Celie has a second child, a girl named Olivia. Like her son, Alphonso takes away her baby girl too after the birth. 

Celie has a sister younger than her named Nettie. A man Mister sent a proposal to marry Nettie, but her father rejected the proposal for Nettie and accepted for Celie. That man was a widower looking for a woman who can take care of her children. 

Eventually, Celie married the Mister. After the marriage, he abuses Celie sexually, physically, and verbally. Not only this, but his children mistreat her. Her sister also left the father’s house and took the shelter in Celie’s house. 

There may arise questions in our reader’s minds that How could both siblings survive? How might they be able to come out of this chaotic environment? And many more. If you want to get the answers to these questions and read the entire story, you can download this novel from the link given here. However, you can continue reading here online. 

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