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Circe by Madeline Miller


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Madeline Miller is an American author and novelist who wrote several books. Her best books are The Song of Achilles and Circe. She took ten years to complete her novel The Song of Achilles and worked as a Greek and Latin teacher. 

That novel describes the story about the love between the mythological figures Achilles and Patroclus. Her novel won several awards, including Orange Prize for Fiction. She was among the top four writers who won awards for their debut novels. Miller also received Alex Awards in 2019. 

Circe novel is an airy, delightful romp book. It contains a story of the sun god and mightiest of the Titans, where a daughter is born named Circe. Among all her other siblings, she is a pretty strange girl. Circe doesn't have powers like her strong father, nor does she look like her mother.

Madeline Miller graduated from Brown University and earned a Bachelor’s and MAster’s degree in Classics. After that, she started teaching Shakespear, Latin, and Grek to the high school students. The author said that she is inspired by poetry books, authors, and novels, including David Mithcell, Anne Carson, Virgil, and Lorrie Moore. 

She wrote several books, and Circe was her second novel that was published on April 10, 2018. Circe got a lot of acclaims as it was ranked as the second-greatest book of the 2010s by Paste. Further, TutorHouse declared this book a top choice for the students in 2021. 


When she turned to the universe of humans, she discovered that only the power of magic could morph rivals into monsters and menace the gods. Circe was threatened and deported to a deserted island as a punishment. But she hones her clandestine craft there. 

Along with wild beasts and famous figures of all the mythology, she passes the paths; the characters include Minotaur, Daedalus, and his fated son Icarus. This is the fact that the paths are brimming with danger, particularly for the woman who stands alone and facing the anger of God and men. 

Eventually, she finds herself pitted against the most dreadful and vindictive of the Olympians. Circe wants to protect what is most near and dear to her. For this purpose, she gathered all her strengths and powers, regardless of whether she belongs to the God who has created her or the world where she came to love. 

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