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A Prayer for Owen Meany : A Novel


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John Winslow Irving, known as John Irving, is an American-Canadian screenwriter and author. He achieved great success and fame in 1978 after the successful publication of The World According to Garp that got acclaim globally.  The author wrote several books, including The Cider House Rules, A Widow for One year, and A Prayer for Owen Meany. All these books were among Amazon bestseller lists. His book The Cider House Rules has been used in Screenplay and won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay in the 72nd Academy Awards. 

A Prayer for Owen Meany novel is the seventh book by Irving, published in 1989. In this book, the author has described the story of John Wheelwright and his friend Owen Meany. They both grew up together in a small-town New Hampshire during the 1950s and 1960s. John narrates that Owen has several incredible abilities in various aspects. He believes in himself that he has several god-gifted attributes and sets out to accomplish his fate.

The story of the novel revolves around two time-frames, one is Johns’ present time, and the other is the time of John’s memories. All his life experiences, including how he grew up with his friend in a small-town New Hampshire, are described here. 

The story of A Prayer for Owen Meany tells us about John’s Job, career, and religious faith in the present-day era. Moreover, here you will get to know about his qualification and the places he has lived. In his present days, he tells the events of his past days. 

Five novels by Irving were used in filmmaking. Besides this, his short stories and books have been moving in and around the Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, New Hampshire town. 


When Irving was 26 years old, he wrote his debut novel, named Setting Free the Bears. This novel was not able to acquire much popularity hence was pretty reviewed. He studied at the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop with Kurt Vonnegut in the late 1960s. 

He published his second and third novels, The Water-Method Man in 1972 and The 158-Pound Marriage in 1974. After that, he started a job as an Assistant Professor of English at Mount Holyoke College in 1975. 

Even though all three novels were not getting any significant promotion, the author published his fourth novel, The World According to Garp, in 1978. From that novel, he got a solid commitment to marketing. 

That novel was among the international bestseller list and a part of a cultural phenomenon. In 1979, this book was a finalist for the National Book Award for Fiction. The first paperback won the Award next year. Later on, Garp’s novel was adapted for a movie. It was directed by George Roy Hill and featuring Robin Williams. Alongside this, it won many Academy award nominations. 

While the past days consist of his childhood time, this time shows that John and a boy named Meany were fast friends. Despite this, John belonged to a well-settled wealthy family, and Meany was the only son of a working-class granite family. Owen Meany considered himself as God’s Instrument. 

If you want to read the entire story of this classic novel, you can download it from the link given below. However, you can proceed reading here online. 

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