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Eric Arthur Blair, commonly known by his pen name George Orwell was a British Essayist, journalist, critic, and novelist. The beauty of his work is lucid prose, biting social criticism, and support for democratic socialism. He wrote many books about literary criticism, poetry, polemical journalism, poetry, include the 1984 Book and especially the allegorical novella Animal Farm. 

The 1984 Book was published in 1949. Orwell's book is considered to be a seminal text of the 20th century. Because of it, futuristic purgatory becomes more genuine. You will see a literary critic and nightmarish vision of George Orwell of becoming a totalitarian.

Besides this, he also wrote non-fiction books, including The Road to Wigan Pier, published in 1937. This book documents the experience of the working-class life of the northern England people and homage to Catalonia. As with his essays, his critics are also considered necessary. Orwell was among the top 50 greatest British writers since 1945. 

His work is still considered influential and popular in political culture. And the adjective Orwellian describes the totalitarian and authoritarian social practices and is a part of the English language.


The reason for the popularity of this is that it shows the presence of Orwell’s own life. Besides this, you will see the distortion of the language, the ubiquity of television, and his wills to build through the version of hell. 

The 1984 book is considered the terrifying novel of its genre and was mandatory for students to read it. Moreover, this is a story of the life of Winston Smith, who is a low-ranking member and frustrated by the party. His cruel big brother is ruling him. 

Orwell’s book is considered a warning to the human race and tells that war is peace, ignorance is strength, freedom is slavery. “Big Brother controls the life of every person.” Furthermore, He invented “Newspeak” to eliminate political rebellion. 

The party threatens the people. If they disobey their orders, they will be sent to Room 101 as a punishment. That’s why the party controls the read and speak of the people. Orwell explores the Mass Media controls and government surveillance. 

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