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Valor’s Trial (Valor Novel Book 4)


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Tanya Sue Huff is a Canadian fantasy novelist who has been writing many fantasy novels since the late 1980s. Her novel series includes five fantasy and one science fiction series. One of her series, Blood Books, is adapted as a TV serial with the title Blood Ties featuring detective Vicki Nelson. Her famous publication is Valor’s Trial Book 4.

Huff wrote his first two poems at the age of ten to The Picton Gazette, and she earned 10$ from them. Hse started her cook job in 1975 in the Canadian Naval Reserve and left it in 1979. 

Valor's Trial is a rousing military novel by Tanya Huff. This is the fourth book in an action-packed, adventurous Confederation series. The story starts where the corps after surviving the perils of the Crucible.

She has a Bachelor of Applied Arts degree in radio and Television Arts from Ryerson Polytechnical Institute in Toronto, Ontario. During her degree, she studied with science fiction writer Robert J. Sawyer and completed a TV Studio Lab assignment, a short science-fiction show. 

Tanya worked from 1984 to 1992 at Bakka, America’s oldest surviving science fiction book store in Toronto. While working there, she wrote seven novels include Valor’s Trial Book 4 and nine short stories.  

More About Valor’s Trial Book 4:

All of them were published subsequently. Her first professional sale was a short story,” Third Time Lucky,” that she sold to George Scithers, an editor on amazon. She remained a member of the Bunch of Seven writing groups. 

Gunnery sergeant Torin Kerr returned to Ventris Station, was linked up with her old platoon, and headed to a new war zone. When Torin was sent to pull back troops who moved up to an indefensible position, he caught her in a deadly fight. It seemed like a devastating area strike reduced the whole area to slag. 

The authorities declared her dead, but her father and salvager Craig Ryder did not agree to her death despite having evidence. And yes, it’s the truth the Torin was alive. When she comes to senses, she finds herself in a series of underground caves that seem like an enemy-run POW camp. 

What do you think would the Gunnery Sergeant Torin Kerr escape from the prison or not? She is not aware of how her attempt could prove crucial. The download link of this book is available here. You can click on it and download this book. If you want, you can continue reading this novel online. 

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