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Up the Creek


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Kevin Miller is an award-winning author, novelist, and filmmaker. He wrote many award-winning books. His debut novel was “Up The Creek,” which has the record of selling over 35,00 copies after publication. You will be amazed to know that his book remained on the Amazon bestseller list for 17 weeks. 

Kevin is working with his craft and doing numerous projects including, filmmaking, novel-writing, non-fiction books, documentaries, and comics books over the past 25 years. The author is a pretty well-reputed man and featured many times on CNN, CBC radio, Tv outlets, and other radio platforms. 

Up the Creek is his debut book from the Milligan Creek series, which contains the best content for children, so every kid should read it. All the fun of the series starts with this book. This book narrates the adventurous story of four boys in Milligan creek. Readers will find this book a fun reading.


Many people wrote about his work and reviewed his publications many times. His work is praised by Variety, New York Times, the Globe and the Mail, and the Vancouver Sun. Kevin belongs to Foam Lake, Saskatchewan, but he built his big brown house in Kimberley, BC, and his wife and four kids. 

Besides writing, he teaches how to be a good content writer and screenwriter. For this purpose, he conducted dozens of workshops in schools across western Canada every year. Not only in Canada, but he also taught creative writing in the USA, UK, and Australia. 


Kevin loves to play Hockey, Hiking, Fishing, Skateboarding, and exploring the world in his spare time. He is fond of traveling and traveled a lot in his 25 years career. 

All the four boys planned to take a canoe trip down the swollen Creek during the spring runoff. They think that their voyage through small-town is going to be transformed into the wildest experience of their life. But the condition is if they exist rapids, raggings, and frozen icebergs. 

All of a sudden, all the boys find themselves drowning in uncharted water and have no idea how to return home. On that night, falling fast, there is no one they can rely on but only on each other. The boys should plan how to come out of these ruthless powers of nature and dodge their parents’ anger. 

Your kids will enjoy reading this book and feel wonderful to envision themselves in the scenario where the boys were stuck. This tale is the first one from the Milligan Creek series and consists of adventurous journeys. 

We suggest this book to young kids, particularly from 9 to 12 years old. But elders can also read it to enjoy. You can download and read this novel from the link provided below. Moreover, you can proceed reading online.

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