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The Contract Series Book 1


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Book Description:

Melanie Moreland is an international bestselling author who belongs to a peaceful area of Ontario, living happily with her husband and a rescue cat for many years. She loves to have friends and spend quality time with family. Every moment of life is enjoyable for her.  She has written many series so here we have The Contract Series Book 1.

Undoubtedly, she is a lighthearted and fun-loving lady who enjoys baking food and trying fresh recipes for loved ones. Beyond this, she is addicted to coffee and computer-related technological stuff. She likes to play with the obstacles related to cooking and technical things. 

In her story The Contract Series Book 1, she tells Richard VanRyan, who is a playboy by night and a dictator by day. He is a person who prefers to follow himself rather than listening to others' opinions. Richard lives life in his manner and has no inclination to transform himself for others.

Melanie is obsessed with writing stories. Her reading taste is related to narratives that make a good match with wine, and she relishes parachuting and pilots her helicopter. She tells the story of how to stay happily ever after. 

Another principal character of the storyline is Katherine Elliot, who works as a PA for Richard. Although she dislikes all the dubious ethics, she endures all the chaos he generated just because she demands the job.


She has a far more critical end objective than the abusive behavior of her boss. That’s why she carries all the unpleasant tyranny of her boss. Katherine was working fine there, but one day her boss requested a relationship that she never imagined. She was asked to become a finance officer instead of being a PA. 

Imagine the scenario when two individuals who do not like each other and detest each other have to live together and pretend that they are and in love. No doubt, this would be an exciting scene to read. That’s the exact turning point of the story. 

What do you think can the power of love change the opinion of another person? Is it feasible that two conflicted people will happily ever after? If you encounter a scene like this, the person you hate the most becomes the person you can’t live without; what will you do? 

Our readers will find this book full of suspense, romance, and action. So, without any wastage of time, download this book and start reading now. However, you continue reading online if you want to. 

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