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The Call of the Wild (Amazon Classics Edition)


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John Griffith London, known as Jack London, was an American journalist, social activist, and novelist. He was known as the Americans, one of the first authors who became successful in reaching the scale of celebrity and earned considerable respect all over the world. The Call of the Wild is one of his best-selling books.

The Call of the Wild is a novel that consists of adventure written by Jack London in 1903. This novel was set in Yukon, Canada, During the 1890s. The story is about A dog named Buck in the book.

The story started when Buck was stolen from his house and sold there. He had to serve as a sled dog in Alaska. When Buck was forced to live in a harsh environment and fight with other dogs, he became primitive and eventually wild.

As time passed, the buck started to use his experiences to become a leader in the wild and shed the veneer of civilization. The author stayed in Yukon for almost one year to gather facts and information to write this book. First, the story was serialized in The Saturday Evening Post, and later on, in 1903, it came in the form of a book. 

Jack worked as a commercial fiction writer and is known as the pioneer there. Moreover, he introduced an innovator genre which is now known as science fiction. He wrote many books, but his best work includes White Fang and The Call of the Wild. Both the books are part of the Klondike Gold Rush. 


The author had worked hard for the unionization, rights, eugenics, and socialism of the workers. He was a part of the radical literary group named, The Crowd. To deal with these topics, he wrote many books. His books, including the dystopian novel The Iron Heel, and non-fiction book expose The People of the Abyss, Before Adam, and War of the Classes. 

Jack started his career as a part of The Gold Rush that he joined with his sister’s husband on July 12, 1897. This step is considered to be a milestone for his success. When he died, rumors were flying about him that he had committed suicide; some still said this. 

Jack London became famous after the excellent reputation and popularity of this book. In 1923, a film was captured based on this story, and many other cinematic adaptations have been made. 

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