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Ragged Company by Richard Wagamese


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Richard Wagemese was a journalist and an Ojibwe author. He remained a journalist from the Wabaseemoong Independent Nations in what is currently known as northwestern Ontario. Richard was among Canada’s foremost and leading writers who wrote dozens of books. But the one Ragged Company by Richard Wagamese is his famous.

His books include Medicine Walk, Dream Wheels, and Indian Horse. He published a novel Indian Horse, in 2012 that is among his best work. This novel won the Burt Award for First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Literature in 2013.

Ragged Company is a book by Richard Wagamese where he describes the true meaning and significance and the value of the home as a homeless person. The author selected five alternative methods of developing sense that belong to each other of the character's personal lives.

Richard started his career as a newspaper author and worked at New Breed First Nations Publication. However, after he was encouraged by Lorna Crozier and others, he started working as twitter for the Calgary Herald.

Richerd won many awards, including the Matt Cohen Award, George Ryga Award, Canada Reads, and many others. So, he got the Honorary Doctor of Letters degree From Thompson University In Kamloops and Lakehead University Bay. 

In February, when they ran out of food and wood, Richard with his siblings, under the guidance of his elder brother hauled into a town on a sled in a snowstorm. They were lying there hungry, freezing, crying, and huddled next to a railroad depot. 


As he was in great struggle from his childhood, those years helped him become an emerging writer. Moreover, Wagamese’s identity was peace and membership among the indigenous people, informative articles, Ojibwe, and dozens of other books. 

It was known as a competitive title in the edition of Canada Reads in 2013. In 2017, a feature film was captured on this novel Indian Horse, which was released after his death. He started his career in 1979 as a journalist. Moreover, he was a columnist and reporter for a newspaper and a producer of radio and television shows. 

There is a circle of four friends who survive day to day, including Dead, Digger, Timber, and Double Dick. Moreover, One For the Dead is known as the group’s mother, who is responsible for choosing the companions by native spiritual guidance and knows that they all needed each other. 

Amelia urged to expand their friend’s circle and succeeded in welcoming an outsider into their Friendship group. Furthermore, he was a common man known as Granite. Diggers called him the Square John.  

Now comes the role of Digger, who never believes in the original foursome and proudest. He said that independence and individual ability to survive are more significant than a foursome. Digger never liked to live among the people in the street who often keep on crying. 

There are many other exciting incidents in this book that you will enjoy reading. You can download this book from the link given below. Moreover, you can continue reading this story online as well. 

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