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Dime Store Magic by Kelley Armstrong


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Kelley Armstrong is a Canadian writer who has primarily written about fantasy since 2001. She wrote many books include Dime Store Magic, 31 of them are fantasy novels. Her series Women of the Otherworld consists of thirteen fantasy novels. Three stories are in the Darkest Powers series while three in the Darkness Rising trilogy, and many more in her other novel series. 

She worked as a co-author with Melissa Marr and wrote three middle-grade fantasy novels in the Blackwall Pages trilogy. Besides this, she has written three crime novels. Kelley wrote the short stories and several serial novellas for the Otherworld series; some of them can be found on her website for free. 

Dime Store Magic is the third novel in the Women of the Otherworld written by Kelley Armstrong featuring Paige Winterbourne. Paige was first introduced in Stolen. She is the successor of her mother and a fully powered witch who is likely to walk in her mother's footsteps.


She started her writing career by writing a debut novel in 1999 named Bitten, released in 2001. After that, she wrote thirteen novels, a crime novel, and many novellas for the Women of the Otherworld series. Kelley is a full-time writer and parent from 2002 to the present date. 

Another responsibility of Paige is to look after her younger teenage witch, Savannah, as she has not yet received all magical powers. Paige’s position within the Coven was questioned, and she was removed. So she needs to find a way where she can survive along with the little Savannah. 


Paige is the main character of the story and a pretty nice person. Her voice gives a unique and charming flavor to the story. She also collects some narrative bumps. Readers will also enjoy the love story between her and Geeky Sorcerer. 

It is good to see that this novel promotes the relationship that blooms based on the same interest and mutual understanding rather than the adrenaline-infused near death as often happens in fantasy novels. 

Besides the main character Paige, there is another character as a second lead character, Savannah. She is a different personality as she is the epitome of a teenager, having significant anger problems. Her anger gives a characterological side to the novel and makes it near to reality. 

There comes a twist in the novel when Kristof Nast comes and asks for the Custody of young witch Savannah. It will be interesting to see how Paige can tackle this situation and save Savannah. That man reveals that he is the biological father of the young witch that’s why things got more complicated. 

This novel contains a lot of action and fantasy. Heroes of the story spent most of the time at Paige’s house under the media siege. Things are getting interesting. You can read the whole story full of action from the link we have shared. Moreover, you can keep on reading here online.

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