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Thinking Fast and Slow Book


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Daniel Kahneman belongs to Israel. He is a psychologist and economist and famous for his work on the psychology of judgment and decision making along with behavioral economics. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in psychology and mathematics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1954. Thinking Fast and Slow Book is his famous book.

He won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic sciences in 2002. Daniel presented many empirical findings that challenge the assumption of human rationality in the modern age. He established a cognitive basis for the common human errors that often come from the heuristics and biases with Amos Tversky and others’ help. 

In his book Thinking, Fast and Slow, author said humans are considered to be more hard-wired to make decisions. People took time to realize that other activities also have to perform other than coherent and consistent.

In foreign policy magazine, he was listed among the top global thinkers in 2011. In the same year, he published his book Thinking, Fast and Slow, where he summarized his research. This book was among the bestsellers after its publication. The author was called the top seventh most influential economist in the world by The Economist. 


Currently, he is serving as a professor at the Princeton University’s Princeton School of Public and International affairs in Psychology and the public affairs department. 

There is no doubt that rational agent theory is considered the cornerstone of the microeconomic theory that makes many current policies. If we want to overcome the issues like how we can be happy in the future, the risks of working at home, and the effects of working in the stock market, we should have the ability to join the two systems’ judgments and decisions. 

Kahneman engages the raiders by his content and reveals how we can benefit from our slow thinking process alone and said that we could not trust our intuitions. He presented many practical examples in this book to understand how we can make choices in our business and personal lives. His objective is to kick out the glitches of the mind that often cause trouble for people. This book is meant to transform your way of thinking. 

If you want to benefit from Thinking Fast and Slow Book and change your way of thinking, you should read this scholarly book. You can download it from the link given here. If you want to read it online, continue reading here.

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