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13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do : Take Back Your Power


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Amy Morin is an international bestseller, a psychotherapist, and author of 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do. She has sold millions of copies of this book. Besides this, she wrote many other books. Her books are translated into more than 30 languages.

She is serving as a lecturer at Northeastern University. Amy got fame with no time. Her content is much popular among the people, so that over 2 million readers approach her work every month. 

Among her work, best of all, is her TEDx talk, “The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong.” This talk is among the top 25 talks of all time and got 9 million views. She speaks to the world on different forums to make people mentally strong. 

She has released many outlets including, Time, Parents, Fast Company, Fox News, Us News & World Report, and business insider. Her bestseller book 13 Things Mentally Strong People don’t do was released in 2018 December.

Amy told her that she was not a passionate writer; indeed, she is an accidental writer as there were no chances that one will become an author. Amy Morin is known as a Psychotherapist. She felt the need to study mental health when he lost his mother at the age of 23 and her husband at 26. 

She said that it was an adamant time for me to be strong when I was stuck in a hard time losing the most beloved person in my life. Then I felt that I should study how people overcome their life issues and stay calm. She, with a broken heart, started research about mental health. 


When she studied enough about mental health, her observations gave her results as that people who often faced hardships are the strongest ones. She also came to know that mentally strong people have good habits, and they avoid bad habits that may cause their mental stress. 

We often work for our physical health and do exercises but do we care for our mental health? Our brain also suffers from hard times, and thinking also needs some relaxation. 

Morin realized that if we stick to some habit for years that is not good for our health may cause depression and anxiety. She worked as a counselor to make people realize that they should pay heed to mental health also. 

To give awareness to people, she has written a list of DOs and DONTs that strong, mentally healthy people do in her book 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do. She shares her own life experiences and habits that make her mental health strong. 

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