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You Can Draw in 30 Days : The Fun, Easy Way to Learn to Draw in One Month or Less


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Mark Kistler is an artist belonging to America. He remained the host of the drawing shows for children, young, and even for their parents. His movie is to teach people freedom of art and to draw with pleasure and to fulfil this aim, You Can Draw in 30 Days is his first try.

How he has started his career as an artist is pretty interesting. The author said that he was impressed by Napoleon’s book, “Think and Grow Rich.” At the age of 15, after reading this book, he saw the passion of teaching kids drawing skills. 

You Can Draw in 30 Days is the latest drawing instructions book by Mark Kistler, a well-known instructor, and illustrator. The author has divided this book into lessons where you can learn step-by-step drawings. There are nine rules of drawing defined by him named as Nine Fundamental Laws of Drawing.

Mark set a goal to teach the art to 1,000,000 children under 18 years of age. Then he was able to teach drawing 40 lac students till his 18th birthday. After that, he reset his goal to one million. He achieved this goal at 21, but he continued to teach the kids how to draw at different schools. 

But there was a problem, and he thought he could not physically reach the maximum number of people. So, his idea was to be a part of a video production team and host a drawing show. In this way, kids from every corner of America can learn the skill of drawing. 

The nine rules include Foreshortening, Placement, size, Overlapping, Shading, Shadow, Contour lines, Horizon lines, and density. Besides these laws, Kistler has introduced three more principles that should be followed in the drawing. 

He said that these three principles could make you successful in learning drawing—your attitude, your observation details, and your practice of every single art that you watched. 

If you are a beginner and want to learn drawing, this book is beneficial for you. The author said that drawing is not a talent, it’s a skill that needs to be polished to become a professional. You need to pick up e pencil, a piece of paper, and the passion for becoming an artist. 

This book consists of 30 chapters. Each chapter ends with a bonus challenge for practice. You will learn drawing by following these 30 steps. But you should have one You Can Draw in 30 Daysvision in your mind that when you start any chapter, you should remind yourself, “i can do it” only this way will you be able to succeed. 

Mark Kistler has introduced simple and easy steps for the convenience of the readers. There are hundreds of simple line drawings, tutorials, techniques, and tested tips to familiarize you with a 3D drawing. He explained examples and success stories by 75 students to motivate the newbies. 

If you want to be a perfect artist, you should try this book at least once. Download and start practicing from the beginning to reach advanced levels of perfection. You can also continue learning online from this book if you want. 

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