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Thinking with Type : A Critical Guide for Designers, Writers, Editors, & Students


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Ellen Lupton is a critic, writer, graphic designer, and curator, a great typography lover. She has a great passion for graphic designing and serves as the Sr. Curator of Contemporary Design at Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in New York City. She wrote a top-class book Thinking with Type.

You can see her content published on many platforms. She has written for famous publications like The New York Times, Print, Eye, I.D., Metropolis, and many more. She has published many books on graphic design. 

The author found herself involved in writing and designing, and art, so she decided to combine both these skills. She has offered significant services in the graphic designing world. She highly promoted DIY(do-it-yourself) methods. Indeed, she has changed the history of the art world. 

Thinking with Type: A Critical Guide for Designers is the illustration book and best selling of all the times that guide you to using typography in visual communication. The author has described all the tips and tricks on aligning letters, words, and photographs. Moreover, you will learn how to make them spaced, shaped, and ordered. Ellen Lupton has covered all the important points regarding typography from all typefaces and type families.

There are three sections of the book, Letter, Text, and Grid. You will understand each section conveniently because all the chapters start with a well-researched essay that contains information. 

If we look into the letters section, it starts with a thought-provoking article covering all the significant trends of typeface from the fifteenth century till now. The next section consists of information about the transformation of text from linear to nonlinear screen. You will see the organization of typography matters in the form of grids in the third section. 


Each section contains the do’s and doesn’t of typography along with practical examples and exercises to solve. The author has used the smart way to educate the readers to learn typography conveniently. You can practice the typographic designs from this book on your computer in today’s modern age if you want. 

The book has been designed and illustrated finely and accurately. It has historical graphics, text, and letters to help the readers learn the art quickly and precisely. The words show the wisdom of writers who connect them in a communicative way. 

There is a revised edition of this book available now with unique and modern research in it. This book is equally beneficial for the reader, writers, and artist. You will learn new techniques to play with fonts and letters from this book. This guide helps you in every possible way to how you can use typefaces conveniently. 

If you want to be perfect in the typographic field, download this designing book and start polishing your skills and learn new tricks about this field. You can also proceed online if you like. 

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