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The Quantum Curators and the Fabergé Egg : An Alternate History, Time-Travel Adventure


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Eva St. John is an author of mysterious time-traveling adventurous stories. She mainly wrote about the horror genre. She said that this genre inspired her, so she decided to choose it for her writing career. The Quantum Curators and the Fabergé Egg : An Alternate History, Time-Travel Adventure is one of her famous books.

The author was very passionate about writing since childhood. She was found lost in dreams and imagination often. Eva told readers that it is not essential to get A grades in every writing class to become a successful writer. 

The story of the quantum curators and the fabergé egg: an alternate history, time-travel adventure is quite interesting. It is about Quantum curators. When a delicate egg brightened in the light, everyone ran after it.

She has explained that she was not much inspired by anyone and started writing. But if we talk about writers’ work, she is impressed by Stephen King’s books. She said that I ran out of books by him as I read almost all of his books in Brazil. 

One interesting fact about Eva is that she says that I have never met a writer’s block ever in my life. Further, she added that I wrote my novel every day without any interruption for six months as she believes that one can write better when the momentum is inflow. 


She explains that it is not easy to be a writer. Plenty of efforts are required to sketch characters in mind and arrange them in the shape of a meaningful story.

Neith Salah is one of them, a quantum curator. Her mission is to get the egg while she doesn’t know how it looks, what its benefits and even the place of its presence. The only thing she knows is that it is a thing found on her earth so that she would have it at any cost. 

Julius Strathclyde is also a resident of the same earth. He has a deep love for tea and research. Moreover, he is a Cambridge professor. But the sad thing here is that he is the only man on the earth who knows where the egg is. 

Neith has an attitude and guns, while Julius has a fountain pen, so if they both work together to find out the location of the egg, they can reach it before any enemy could reach there. 

You can download and read the entire story from this exciting book from the link we have shared. Or you can continue reading online. The choice is all yours.

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