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Summer in Provence : The Perfect Escapist Feel-Good Romance


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Lucy Coleman is a famous British writer who has been writing fiction love stories. The writer has had a passion for writing since her childhood. She Summer in Provence : The Perfect Escapist Feel-Good Romance said that life has blessed her and made her able to discover herself, for which she is very thankful to her life. 

Summer in Provence is a masterpiece written by Lucy Coleman. This book is full of love, romance, and emotions that amuse you. The story contains the love and struggle of a newly married couple Fern and Aiden.

She said that I was quite confident that I can write, so today, I am pursuing my two careers and family life together. She spent most of her time sticking to the keyboard, and she considered this time as her quality time. 

Life is all set when you know who you are, which things make you happy, and what is your goal in life. The writer is so passionate about writing about love and romance, so her passion makes him get out of bed early in the morning and sit to write. 


Her leisure time activities include playing with kids, converting her imagination to paper by painting, and many more. 

Fern aims to build a mortgage and nest for eggs before marriage, while her husband is all set to travel the world before getting married. The story shows whether the change in life is good to be relaxed or not. 

Fern will be struggling much in the story. As you read till the bottom, you will come to know how she was forced to do something different instead of saving the money as their financial security for the future. While she was busy managing things, her husband was wandering in the world for no reason. That is not a good thing to see. 

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