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Steal Like an Artist : 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative


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Austen Kleon is one of the bestselling authors of the New York Times. He wrote five books for this magazine. His books include Keep Going, Steal Like An Artist Journal, Show Your Work, and Newspaper Blackout. 

Kleon works for the betterment of the creative work of society. He stood as a spokesperson at different organizations and conferences like the Economist’s Human Potential Summit and SXSW. 

Steal Like an Artist is a book by Austen Kleon where he described that when someone gives you advice, that piece of advice is his past experiences of life. He said that he always tries to steal something good from the world. When you as a human being see the world from this perspective, there will be nothing good or bad for you; you will have only the stuff that is best for you.

The author belongs to a well-educated family. His father was a professor at Ohio University, and his mother served as a teacher and a school principal. Austen graduated from High school as a Valedictorian. 

He started his writer’s career by writing in a public library located in Cleveland. Along with working in the library, he became a blogger and wrote many poems, and published them. By staying at the library, he learned HTML and CSS. Kleon also taught people how to use computers.


Later on, he became a web developer of a prominent school at the University of Texas. The author used to publish his poems as a news Blackout. When he published his first book, he became a copywriter for a digital agency Springbox. He used to publish a weekly newsletter to his 70thousand + subscribers. 

An artist should be aware of the fact that not everything comes out of the mind. Most of the things we need to adopt from the outside. All the items in the world are not original. A famous phrase from his book is” every new idea is the mashup and remix of one or more previous ideas.”

He said that your personality is the reflection of what you have gathered around you. One thing that can make you a better artist, try to collect ideas as much as you can so that you can choose the best of them. 

This book is full of ideas for the betterment of an artist. If you want to become a successful artist without being worried about the world, you should download and read this best book. You can also continue reading it online. 

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