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How to Draw Cool Stuff : A Drawing Guide for Teachers and Students


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Catherine V.Holmes is an ELA/art teacher. She also works as a visual artist. She got the degrees of BFA and MA from Boston University and Bridgewater State College. Currently, she is studying for his 2nd master’s degree at the University of Scranton. Her famous book is How to Draw Cool Stuff : A Drawing Guide for Teachers and Students.

The How to Draw Cool Stuff book contains step-by-step guidance to help the artist make precise and perfect illustrations. The book will help the newbies be excellent in their field by practicing the simple shapes and images that eventually convert to complex drawings.

She is an artist who demonstrates her feelings, ideas, and experiences of life on paper. Holmes tries to share her prefixes she learns from nature, media, or society. She has a specialization in architecture, portraits, and illustrations. 

She was a teacher who paid attention to the suggestions and interests of her students. Catherine said that when her students become successful, this is the immense happiness of her life. Her books include, How to Draw Cool Stuff, Drawing Dimensions: Shading Techniques, and The 15-Minute Artist: The Quick. 

You will find hands-on exercises, lines, shapes, space, and other elements related to everyday life to make you able to draw the objects by following simple steps. When you practice hands-on exercises, you can illustrate minor things in different styles. 


Drawing is much easier and more fun than you think. How to Draw Cool Stuff enables you to pursue illustration as a career. It is more simple than you think. You just need practice. This book is not only meant for a specific age group. Anyone can take advantage of the information and knowledge of this book. 

The various varieties of design and texture offered many ways of interest and depth and artwork. You can make beautiful illustrations by repeating lines, shapes, and other stuff. 

You can be an artist if you have passion and interest. All you need is a pencil, a piece of paper, and an eraser. If you have these items with you, you are good to go. The examples and hands-on exercises in this book can help you polish your work most efficiently. 

If you want to make your talent perfect and be skilled, you should download this book at your earliest. We have shared the download link here. However, you can also read this book online to identify your inner potential.

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