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Find Your Artistic Voice : The Essential Guide to Working Your Creative Magic


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Lisa Congdon is a famous Find Your Artistic Voices illustrator, fine artist, and American writer. She has been working for different clients regarding arts. Her clients include Harvard University, Martha Stewart Living, REI, and Chronicle Books. She has written numerous books include Find Your Artistic Voice.

Her famous work includes, whatever You Are, Be a Good One, The Essential Guide to Building Your Career as an Artist, Twenty Ways to Draw a Tulip, Fortune Favors the Brave, The Joy of Swimming, A glorious Freedom, A Collection, A Day, and Older Women Leading Extraordinary Lives. 

Find Your Artistic Voice is a perfect gift for the newbie artist and for those who are deeply interested in artwork. If you are looking for artistic guidance, this book would be enough to fulfill your needs.

She has introduced the world with her Add Color Series, where she included six coloring books for adults. She belongs to New York and married her partner named Clay Lauren Walsh in 2013. 

Find Your Artistic Voice is written by her to help people identify their talent and creativity to show to the world. This book makes the artists able to be confident enough to do their jobs at their best and appreciate their efforts. 

Here you will get the answers to your questions that you may have in your mind as an artist. You will come to know about the importance of arts by reading different interviews by famous artists included in this book. 

The voice of the artist means a calling card for them. That card can make their work significant and irreplaceable. But all the work should have reasonable effort and involvement of the artist. 


This art book contains different tools, strategies, practical illustrations, and inspirational anecdotes to polish your artistic skills. The author has included her mind-blowing creative ideas and art experiences to help the artists. 

The author has described all his life experiences to tell the community how she had worked hard to reach the point where she is standing today. She has illustrated the fact that how important it is to figure out your potential. 

She has explained in detail that you can’t copy anyone. You can only inspire others and work hard to achieve some particular goal that you set, but it’s not the right direction if you will copy anyone. It means to make your own identity and name in the artistic world. 

The meaning of finding an artistic voice also demonstrates that you should have the courage to speak the truth. Whether it’s about your talent or anyone else, you should always stand with the truth. Always try to point out the strengths and weaknesses of the work. 

If you want to be a good artist and serious about your work, pay heed to your skills. You should find your style and unique way of designing and sketching. If you have rich skills, the chances of success increase. 

Many other pieces of advice can make you a perfect artist and help you find your voice. So, download this fantastic artbook with no delay and start practicing. Show your talent to work. You can also practice online here.

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