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Samantha Mckiver Irby is an American born author, comedian, and blogger. She owns the blog named bitches gotta eat. On this blog, she used to share her life ideas and experiences. She performed the duty as a co-host of lit show Guts and Glory with Keith Ecker at Chicago till 2015, the end of the show. Download now her famous publication Wow, No Thank You : Essays

Samantha wrote four books including, New Year, Same Trash; We Are Never Meeting in Real Life; Meaty, and Wow, No Thank You. Her book Meaty was published twice, once in 2013 and second in 2018 with Vintage Books. In 2017, she published Wow, No Thank You : Essay second book named, We Are Never Meeting in Real Life, and it became the bestselling book of The New York Times.

Wow, No Thank You is a four essays collection published in March 2020. As all, we know that 2020 was the year of pandemic COVID-19. On her social media platforms, Irby stated that her book tour would take place on online platforms.

Her memoir was written in 2013, purchased by FX in 2016, and they announced plans to convert this memoir into a tv series. Irby’s mother was a nurse and had multiple sclerosis as a teenager. Irby often talked about her mother’s health. She was dropped from Northern Illinois University after the death of her mother. 


Samantha started her blog in 2009 and shared all her life experiences, how was her sex life, how she is fighting Crohn’s disease. She had hosted many shows as a co-host. One of them was The Sunday Night Sex Show. Her work is openly available in various exhibitions, In Our Words, The Rumpus, and Jezebel. 

This essay collection is about marriage, aging, and settling down with the stepchildren in an American town. Irby feels uncomfortable in her city as she is growing old due to her skin colour. 

At that, she was doing a job at a veterinary clinic as a receptionist. But she left that job and became a successful publisher of her books. After leaving Chicago, she shifted to a house where a garden needs repairing. She often lost in dreams. Sometimes she had dates with friends, stayed in Los Angeles and attended meetings there. 

If you want to read the entire book, you can download this book from the link given here. However, you can continue reading the book online. Have a happy reading!

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