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Upstairs at the White House : My Life with the First Ladies


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James Bernard West, famous as J.B. West served white house as the sixth Chief Usher. He wrote many books. His bestselling book is Upstairs at the White House : My Life with the First Ladies. 

James graduated from the Creston High School in 1930 and then went to Washington in 1939 and worked there as a Veterans Administrator. At first, he started his work as an assistant of Chief Usher in the white house and then became the chief Usher. His responsibility was to manage all the activities that occur in the White House Executive Residence. 

First lady Jacqueline Kennedy’s social secretary, Letitia Baldrige, gave James the title of “Miracle Maker of the White House.” He was also known as the most influential person in the country next to the president. 

In this novel, West has described America's first families' lives that include Roosevelts, Kennedys, and the Nixons. From To be alive with the tales that range from the quotidian to the tragic, West's book highlights all the historical incidents of Great American history.

He was responsible for supervising the staff that was meant for fulfilling the personal needs and wants of the six presidents of the state and ladies, including funnels, weddings, dinners, and redecorating facilities for others. He also served as a high-level civilian officer of the U.S. Navy. 


His book Upstairs at the White House was published in 1973 and became the bestseller for one month. This book got five hundred great positive reviews and an edition in seven languages. More than two million copies were sold in the USA. 

Jackie Kennady said that the West is the extraordinary man that I have ever met. He is the person who provided all the historical aspects of the lives of the first ladies. 

James’ way of writing is very personable, so anyone can easily understand the text’s tone that he wrote. This novel is a non-fiction masterpiece written by him. We assure you whether you are a non-fiction reader or not; eventually, you will fall in love with this book once you start reading it. 

If you want to know more about American white house families’ lives and their way of living, you can download this book from the link given here. However, you can also continue reading the whole story online.

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