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Glennon Doyle, whose last name was Glennon Doyle Melton, is an activist and American author best known for her bestselling work Untamed. She wrote many books; her best work includes Love Warrior, Carry On, and Warrior. 

She holds the record of being the president and owner of many organizations. Doyle is the president of the Together Rising. She also owns the Women-led non-profit organization formed to help and support women and their families in their hard times. 

Glennon wrote about the struggle and efforts of bulimia and addiction several times. When she was a teenager, she had to stay at the mental hospital. She described the incidents that she had seen there. Her book Lessons from the Mental Hospital consists of all the experiences she had about mental hospital stay. 

Untamed describes how you can find yourself among the crises of life. The writer highlighted that every woman has a voice inside her. All the women try to be good wives, mothers, daughters, good partners, and friends. She hopes that all the efforts of women may pay them off and feel them alive.

She earned the graduation degree in 1998 from James Madison University. Glennon was a very active student during her college. After graduating, Doyle started teaching in Northern Virginia. She started her writing career in 2009 by setting up her blog Monastery. 

Somehow, somewhere all of us look back in our lives and think that life could be more beautiful than this. We could be more improved than we are. But we immediately get rid of this question and try to convince ourselves to be grateful where we are standing. 


Glennon felt discontent in life, but she denied this fact for many years. After some time, when Glennon was attending a conference, she saw a woman and fell in love with her words. She felt this voice came from that woman but soon realized that her voice came out from inside. 

That voice, which she had buried under the mumbling addictions, traditions, cultural conditions, and allegiances decades ago. This voice made her realize who she was before she had handed over her identity to the world. 

This sudden change made her think about inner happiness instead of pleasing the world. She started living her own life despite being a puppet. Glennon’s memoir shows the women that being a mother teaches the children to live their lives instead of dying for their children. 

She exposed the reality that divorce doesn’t mean that only a woman is at fault. All the family members could be responsible for this shattering of the family. She encourages the women of the world with her powerful words. Untamed

This story teaches us how we can be strong and believe in ourselves. How can a woman make boundaries around her? Her motive is to make the woman strong enough to look at herself and feel satisfied with her deeds and life. As Glennon said,” The braver we are, the luckier we get.”

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