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The Last Days of John Lennon


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James Brendan Patterson is an American writer and Philanthropist. He is known for his best writing work, his famous book is The Last Days of John Lennon. His bestselling work includes Women’s Murder Club, Alex Cross, Michael Bennett, Daniel X, NYPD Red, Maximum Ride, Private series, and Witch and Wizard. Besides this, he wrote non-fiction, thriller, and romance books as well. 

The author has sold more than 30 million copies of his books. Further, he is the only person who holds the record of selling one million eBooks in one year, 2016. Patterson also is the only person who earned an amount of 95$ million per year for three consecutive years from his writing work. If we estimate his decade income, it would be around 700$ million.

James Brendan has won many awards as a reward for his services and best work. His well-known award is the Literarian Award from the National Book Foundation in 2015.

When he received this award, he was cited as the book campaigner who urges people to attract towards reading. He is popular because of his support towards universities, colleges, teachers, bookseller shops, libraries, and school students. 

He worked hard for the betterment of the United States of America. His purpose is to develop an interest in reading in people of all ages. To turn this dream into reality, he has donated a significant amount of dollars to give scholarships and encourage the public to read books. 

Patterson started his career as advertising executive at J. Walter Thompson. He retired from that job in 1996 and moved all his focus towards writing. The author was inspired by Evan S Connell’s debut novel, Mrs. Bridge, published in 1959.

Later on, he published his debut novel in 1976 known as, The Thomas Berryman Number. After his first novel, he didn’t stop his writing work. Since 1976 he has written more than 200 novels include The Last Days of John Lennon.

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