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Spilled Milk : Based On A True Story


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K.L. Randis is one of the youngest journalists in the world. She started journaling at the age of 6. Randis graduated from Penn State and also earned a degree in psychology. She spent almost four years in the field of mental health. As her father sexually abused her, she stood against him in the courtroom. Her famous publication is Spilled Milk : Based On A True Story.

Her motive behind writing the novels was to give people awareness of how they can stop child sexual abuse. For this purpose, she has spoken on many platforms. Her writings are as popular internationally as nationally. Many departments working on the defense about child abuse asked him to come to their institutes and speak there to educate society. 

K. L. Randis wrote this book to save children from sexual abuse. However, Spilled Milk : Based On A True Story was her debut novel. It is based on a true story. After its release in 2013, this novel became the bestseller on Amazon in just 24 hours. Her residence is in the Pocono Mountains, where she is living with her family. She is very active on social media to encourage those still finding ways to raise their voice against child abuse.

You probably will move to tears after reading the emotional story in this book. Moreover, Brooke Nolan is the main character of the novel whose teen years have been ruined by sexual abuse. 

When the girl reached social services to get freedom from this cruelty, they threatened her to keep the secret of her father’s shameful act. But a glass of spilled milk on the dinner table encouraged her to come out of the mess and stand for justice. 

She was afraid that she might lose her family support when she would expose her father in front of the world. Many other risks were flourishing in her mind, but she did not give up. 

This novel is the best advice for children to be safe and defend themselves from any sexual abuse. You can download this novel from the link given here or continue reading this triumph novel online.

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