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If You Tell : A True Story of Murder, Family Secrets, and the Unbreakable Bond of Sisterhood


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Gregg Olsen is an American author who has written If You Tell A True Story of Murder, USA Today, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and many nonfiction novels and books related to crimes. He wrote about crimes like Child rapes. 

The readers praise his work, and he received awards and appreciation from them. Olsen’s book The Deep Dark: Disaster and Redemption in America’s richest Silver Mine was nominated for the “Idaho Book of the Year” by the Idaho Libraries association in 2006. It was also finalized for a Spur award for the category of Contemporary historical nonfiction book by Western writers of America. 

Boise State University selected this book necessary to read in first-year for the newcomers. Another book by Gregg, named Starvation Heights, was set in the annual “Everybody Reads” program by Washington State Library and the Washington secretary of the state. 

Starvation is a crime-based novel adapted by stage in January 2009 by Portland, Oregon playwright Ginny Foster. It was also a part of the National New Play in July 2008. This novel remained at number seven among the bestseller books on amazon. Producers Jason Fogelson and Pulitzer picked up the script of this book to make the film.

The Washington State Libraries selected Envy’s novel written by Olsen to represent Washington in the National Book Festival held in 2012. Olsen is also an active person in the media. He appeared in many talk shows to expose different factors about crimes. He was part of the” Good Morning America,” “FOX News, 48 Hours,” “The Early Show,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “CNN,” and many other US Tv shows.


Most of the crime books are only meant to distinguish between crime and criminal and also show how the judicial systems play their role. There is nothing new in any book. All are following the same approach. However, If You Tell by Olsen has a different policy to disclose the crimes than other books. 

The story of If You Tell A True Story of Murder explains the survival and struggle of the sisters who are daughters of the Knotek and convicted of two murders, but Knotek has done more than this. As with other cases, the details of this case are also terrible. 

Knotek is providing a platform to her daughters and the rest of the family members. They were looking for a place where they can share their moments, memories and problems. This point makes the story unique from other crime novels.

Shally, a daughter of Knotek, was far away from the ease of life from her early life. Moreover, She was brought up along with her two younger brothers. Their mother was an alcoholic woman. Their stepmother Lara raised them. 

Lara noticed that Shally’s behavior was not usual and she was frightening. Her habits are different from those that a six years old child has. As she faced many tragic incidents, her behavior got violent over time. At the age of 15, she was being raped by her father. 

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