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High Achiever: The Incredible True Story of One Addict’s Double Life


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Tiffany Jenkins is a British writer, Cultural Commentator, sociologist and Culture editor to edit the journal Sociology Compass. She wrote several books for the betterment of society. High Achiever : The Incredible True Story is her famous publication.

Her books include Contesting Human Remains in Museum Collections and Keeping Their Marbles. The first one is meant to look at the play on the controversy about human remains in a museum collection. And the second book explains discussion around the Elgin Marbles. She has written and edited multiple books of essays including, soft interventions and Nation Building, and Political Culture. The purpose of these books is to examine the cultural inventions in the country that are destroyed by different conflicts. 

High Achiever : The Incredible True Story, a book by Tiffany, is indeed a before and after explanation of her life. It means who she was and who she is now. You will know what role time plays in our lives and how we change ourselves. If we look a few years back, Tiffany was behind jail bars for being accused of almost twenty cases.

Tiffany writes columns for the Scotsman newspaper and is a regular member of the broadsheet about arts and cultural issues. She was also a visiting fellow at the London School of Economics. Moreover, she is the director of institutes of ideas. 


But now, she is the best, sober, married woman and mother of three children. When she was able to find a way of living and how she overcame anxiety and depression, she started to help people by using social media platforms. Her videos went viral when she struck a chord. 

The story starts from the Florida prison where the author spent 180 days. This memoir shows the incidents of why and when Tiffany was accused of false charges and caught in jail.  

She was addicted to false deeds and was dating a cop. But by going through all the mess, she finds her way and towards sobriety and maturity. 

Many other incidents are interesting to read. You can download and read this book from the link given here. However, you can read this book online if you want. 

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