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All Creatures Great and Small


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James Alfred Wight, commonly known as James Herriot, was a British novelist and veterinary surgeon. He was born in Sunderland. James earned his graduation degree from the Glasgow Veterinary College in 1939. After that, he retired to England and started his job as a veterinary surgeon and worked for 50 years there. Download now the All Creatures Great and Small book in PDF for free.

James spent almost six years completing his veterinary degree. He said that he was facing some health issues, so it took more time than others to earn his degree. But sources exposed that the author failed in many subjects on the first try. So he had to repeat the courses. 

From 1930 to 1950, he wrote a novel series of eight books that is considered his best work. He got much fame and praise after this work. These books consist of information about animals, veterinary, and animal owners. 

The first book of the series was If Only They Could Talk, published in 1970. This book has a record of selling over 60 million copies. His books have been picked up by many filmmakers and adapted for films.

The famous movie All Creatures Great and Small and a BBC television series consisting of 90 episodes are made on the script from James Herriot books. Although the author was not a writer since his childhood, he was somewhere with the talent of writing.

He said that he started writing when his wife encouraged him to write at the age of 50. He only wrote short stories for magazines or diaries before that, but professional writing started from here. 


James read books by many successful authors to understand the writing styles. He enjoyed reading their books. When he started writing, his early work could not be successful, but he kept on working and succeeded eventually. 

Alf wight’s book All Creatures Great and Small is about a Yorkshire vet and a 2020 television series set in 1937. This book is an autobiography of the world’s favorite veterinarian. James Herriot was a famous veterinary surgeon because of his funny and heartwarming animal patients. 

In his book All Creatures Great and Small, the story begins with the entry of young Herriot, where he thinks that the Veterinary practice in rural areas is quite different from what we do in the veterinary schools. 

Although it seems complicated to handle animal patients, he enjoyed it. Some of his patients are very emotional, and some are funny. Some of his visits are regular who keep their stationary yet very inspirational and enlightening. 

Herriot had a great time to see the animals in deep winter and whose owners are not cooperative and sometimes critically ill animals. He discovered many kinds of challenges about veterinary medicine during his journey. 

This book is a fun and masterpiece of information for people of all ages. There were over 80 million copies sold after the publication of this book worldwide. If you want to read this book, you can download it from the link given here. However, you can also read it online. 

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