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The Outsiders by Susan Eloise Hinton


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Susan Eloise Hinton, shortly known as H.E Hinton, is a famous American writer. She is best known for writing young-adults novels that are set in Oklahoma. Her best work is The Outsiders novel. Hinton wrote this novel during her high school in 1967. 

As she has written a lot for teenagers, she has received an Inaugural Margaret Edwards. 

Award from the American Library Association as a reward for her excellent services. The author has the honor of being a young age writer and wrote for teenagers. 

H.E Hinton started her writing career in 1965. But she had written The Outsiders novel when she began writing. She was impressed by the two rival gangs present at her school, named Will Rogers High School. Those two gangs were documented as Greasers and Socs. 

The story of the novel shows fights between rival gangs. There may be a glimpse of underage battles, drinking, and other unethical deeds. That's why parents don't want their kids to read this novel. But it is good stuff to read. As we believe that nothing can be harmful until we use it in the right way.

This novel was meant for kids about it, and it was much popular among young adults. The Outsiders is a masterpiece of classic genre for the readers. Susan has written the appearance and looks of a 14 years old ponyboy so that anyone can sketch his image in mind. 


The boy belonged to the Greaser gang and looked like a hooligan because he adopted the haircut and clothes like a hooligan. You will be surprised to know the boy’s characteristics whose appearance is like wandering boys, but he is a multi-talented boy. 

Readers will come to know about the struggle of that Ponyboy. The author has described two wells from his life. What he likes and what he dislikes all the things are mentioned. That weird boy has two more brothers, one is older, and the other is younger than him. 

They had lost their parents in an automobile accident recently. It was decided that Pony and his younger brother can live with their elder brother, Darry. But there was a condition imposed on both of them to obey Darry and behave themselves. 

The greaser gang is the gang of poor side kids, and the Socs are the Rich kids of society. When the story starts, Ponyboy was coming back from a movie, but the Socs stopped him and started beating him badly. The Ponyboy got injured, and the Socs threatened him to death. The actual fight between these two gangs begins from here. 

As a reader, you may understand what would happen next in the story. There is no doubt that the Ponyboy will take revenge for his insult and wounds from the Socs boys. However, to know more about the story, you would have to download and read the entire novel. 

If you are eager to know what would happen next, who will be ruined and who will flourish, what is the end of the story, you will have to do one thing, keep reading this novel. You can read this story online, and if you want, you can download it from the link given below. 

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