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The Great Gatsby : The Authorized Edition


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F.Scott Fitzgerald was an American novelist, screenwriter, essayist, and short-story writer. He wrote four collections of short stories, four novels, and 164 short stories. Fitzgerald was not able to become popular during his life. He got widespread acclaim after his death. The Great Gatsby : The Authorized Edition is his famous book.

The writer was known as the best writer of the 20th century of America. He belonged to an upper-class family in St. Paul, Minnesota. Fitzgerald went to Princeton University. But he was dropped because of his relationship and adopting the occupation writing. After that, he joined the Army. 

The Great Gatsby: The Authorized Edition is a romantic novel by Fitzgerald. Where a millionaire Jay Gatsby reunites with his ex-lover named Daisy Buchanan. Fitzgerald completed the first draft of this novel in 1924. When he sent the work to the publisher, he suggested revising the current once more.

The Great Gatsby: The Authorized Edition could not achieve high pillars of appreciation. Indeed, it was considered to be a failure of the writer’s work. This book received much critics and was hardly able to sell only 20,000 copies it.

He fell in love with a rich lady Zelda Sayre, but she had first rejected him due to his financial conditions. She accepted him and agreed to marry after the publication of the novel this Side of Paradise. 


When he does revisions, the author finds himself pretty satisfied and confident with his work. But he was still confused about the title of the book. He wished the title should be Under the Red, White, and Blue. 

Moreover, this novel contains most of the writer’s life incidents that he did at his young age, how he got educated, met her lover and life partner, and many more interesting facts about his life.  

After the death of Fitzgerald in 1940, this book of him was re-examined. After the inspection, this book became the most read book in America at that time. It was part of most of the high schools of America. Many industries took this book and performed on stages. Moreover, films were also made on the script of the novel that shows the American Culture. 

The recent adaptation of the novel in a film is in 2013. The director of the movie is Baz Luhrmann. Gatsby is still famous among the writers and scholars of American society. Many people called it a masterpiece and often named it the Great American Novel. 

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