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Fahrenheit 451 : A Novel


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Ray Bradbury was an American writer who was known as the king of mystery. He had written hundreds of books about horror and science fiction. But his reason for fame was Martian Chronicles and the Fahrenheit 451 : A Novel. 

The academic career of Bradbury was struggling. He had to face financial problems during his college. So, he started to sell newspapers to bear the expenses of his studies. His endless efforts bore fruit, and the world knows him today as the most amateur writer and role model for youth. 

Due to financial conditions, he had to support his family. So, the author had left the college and was trying to support his family to make their livings possible. But the passion of writing never died for him. He began to sit in the library and read books for hours. This habit made him able to write the first story.

Fahrenheit 451: A Novel is a book by him but banned nowadays. This book is prohibited to the parents' complaints that the author has included the information about sex, abortion, suicide, drug use, murder, etc. The forbidden book means that it has been removed from the libraries and classrooms.

Bradbury wrote many novels and stories of different genres, but he is famous for his classic science fiction Martian Chronicles’ traditional writing. That book makes readers familiar with six trips and colonization. 

The writer said that he thought he is a teller of tales with a moral purpose. It means that he wrote in a sense that has some meanings and ethical lessons for the readers. Besides this, his work consists of poetic touch and romanticism.


Besides having complaints about the content, an evaluation committee reviewed the book. It said that it is not wrong to read nor contains harmful material that can cause immorality for the children. 

This novel of Bradburry is considered the best book of his. The writer sketched future America’s image where the books will be declared as outward and where the fireman sees them. He opened the fire and burned the books. 

The tagline of this book is pretty emotional and exciting. It is” the temperature at which book paper catches fire and burns.” The main character of the story is a fireman named Guy Montag. 

He disappoints everyone as he is playing the role of the wiper of knowledge. But the time turned in another direction, and that man became the protector of literature and understanding who was against it. 

The primary purpose of this novel is to highlight book burning to bring change in society. In 1956, the author gave an interview on radio, where he said that his concern to write this novel was to stop the threat of book burning in the united states of America. 

He has shown the reasons why people have no interest in reading books in the modern age. The writer said that mass media is the leading cause people are so busy in social activities that they are not paying heed to read particular books. 

There is a lot more knowledge and information in this novel. It will help if you read it to enhance your interest in reading books. If you want to download this book, click on the download button. However, if you’re going to continue reading online, keep reading.

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