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A Farewell to Arms : The Hemingway


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Ernest Hemingway (Full name Ernest Miller Hemingway) was an American writer, novelist, short-story writer, sportsman, and journalist. He introduced a term he named iceberg theory that had left a substantial effect on 20th-century fiction. Moreover, Ernest wrote the book A Farewell to Arms : The Hemingway which wins many awards.

He was a very stylish and classy man. His lifestyle made him able to be in people’s hearts, even the young generations of modern times. Ernest wrote most of his work from the mid-20s to mid-50s. He won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1954.

The novel A Farewell to Arms was taken from a poem by English dramatist George Peele in the 16th century. The book describes the love affair during world war I between the expatriate Henry and an English nurse named Catherine Barkley. This novel is known as the best novel of the year. And also, it is called the premier American war novel from the debacle of world war I. The novel has the record to be performed on stage many times.

The author had published a six-short stories collection, seven novels, and two notification works. His work is considered to be a classic part of American literature. In his early life, he served as a news reporter and was then recruited as an ambulance driver during world war I. 


He got many experiences from that wartime. He returned home in 1918 because he was severely injured. The novel A Farewell to Arms: The Hemingway is the result of the experiments that he had during wartime. 

A film was made on the novel in 1932 and 1957. In 1966this story was honored to be a part of three-part television miniseries. After that, Richard Attenborough made a film In Love and War to demonstrate Hemingway’s life as an ambulance driver in Italy during world war I. 

The novel depicts the love and passion of Lieutenant Frederic Henry for the arms and for a nurse with whom he fell in love during the fight. When the story starts, it shows that deadly disease, Cholera, spread all over the country. Henry, along with his companions, went to Gorizia. 

A surgeon named Rinaldi was a perfect friend of henry. On his return from Gorizia, Henry told his experiments to his friend Rinaldi older than him. The surgeon had a habit of falling for beautiful women. He said Henry about a beautiful nurse Cathrine Burkley.

Rinaldi was not serious about that woman. He took Frederic Henry to that hospital and introduced him to Cathrine. Henry feels that he is falling in love with the nurse. When Henry met with the nurse, it started raining. The nurse told him that she felt uncomfortable in the rain and told him about her fiance, who was killed in the war. 

There are many more exciting incidents in the story. You would have to read the entire novel to know more about Fredric Henry and Nurse Catherine Burkley. So, download this novel from the link given here and start reading. If you want to read online, you can continue here.

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