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Women, Race, & Class


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The Author of the book Women, Race, and Class is Angela Yvonne Davis, an American philosopher, academic writer and Author, and political activist. She is also offering her services as a professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz. 

She was born in an African-American family and learned french from Brandeis University. When she returned to the U.S.A., she took part in numerous parties. Her contribution to race and feminism is just incredible. 

Her books are well-known to everyone. She has published Angela Davis: An autobiography in 1974. Many other books reflect her thoughts like Women, Race, & Class, Women Culture, and Politics, Billie Holiday, Are Prisons Obsolete? And many others. 

Women, Race, & Class reflects the struggle of black and white women in economic development and finding their identity in America. This is the case study of the issues that encounter women movement in America regarding class and race. 

Davis showed how women contribute to being a part of the labor force and other professions in American society. She has shared all the efforts of early women who worked hard for their survival in the world. 


The main points of this book are the description of early 1800’s women like Ida B. Lucy Persons, Mary Church Terrell, and many others who offered significant sacrifices for the benefit of the race and all the women of the world. 

She has a motive to urge modern black and white women to realize how hard were the lives of their older ladies and how they were able to succeed to get their rights. This is an intense study of the women’s movement in the United States from the start till today. 

You will see the demonstration of the women’s efforts and how they were hampered in the old days. Davis was an activist and scholar working for the well-being of women. When you read this book, you will shift to a different concept about women in society. 

So, download this historical book and increase your level of reading. You can also read this appreciated book online if you want to. 

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