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The Souls of Black Folk (Original Classic Edition)


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William Edward Burghardt Du Bois, shortly known as W.E.B Du Bois, was an American author, writer, socialist, Pan-Africanist, and editor born in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. The Souls of Black Folk (Original Classic Edition) is his famous publication.

He was the first African-American who got a Doctorate from the University of Berlin and Harvard. He served as a professor of history, economics, and sociology at Atlanta University. 

Du Bois was a professional Author and writer who wrote a massive number of essays. His famous collection of essays is The Souls of Black Folk, where he described his own life experiences. This essay collection has considerable importance in the social sciences category. 

His novel The Souls of Black Folk is famous worldwide and still among the top hundred literature books. Every person should read this novel at least once in life. Many philosophers said that we should read classics as the flow of knowledge never ends in classic stories. 

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You will find this book the best piece of information regarding the racism and rights of black people of America. Du Bois described problems, arguments, and all the relevant facts about the black people of America between the 20th century. 


The Author himself lived in American society as an African Black person, so he shared his own experiences in this novel. He explored the concept of double-Consciousness, which was a term related to Africans who lived in America. Du Bois explained this term as the person “having the sense of seeing one’s self through the eyes of the other.” 

After the post-civil war in America, how the blacks led their lives and how this war affected them, how the leaders worked, all these facts are described in this novel by Du Bois.

The Souls of Black Folk has a significant reputation as it was a vital piece of information for social welfare benefits. This was among the early works of the Author for society. 

You will get a lot of information and historical knowledge after reading this book. So, download and read this novel. If you want to continue the whole story here, continue reading online. 

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