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The Color of Water


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James McBride is an American writer who has won the award for his writings. He is also a musician and screenwriter. He remained a top-rated and bestseller of new york times for two years after the publication of his book The Color of Water in 1995. 

This book has been sold in millions of copies. It is also being taught in the schools and universities of the United States of America. James wrote his first novel named Miracle at St.Anna. Later on, a film was shot based on this story by an Oscar-winning writer. 

James received a National Book Award for writing a fiction comedy novel in 2013 named The Good Lord Bird. But his main cause of popularity is his Memoir published in 1995, The Color of Water. 

The Color of Water is the own autobiography of the writer and a tribute to his white mother. He used to call his mother Mommy and sometimes Ma. The book contains the writer's early life and his conversations between him and his mother. James narrated that he had faced many hardships to find out who he was because his mother was a white woman who had married a black man in 1942. The writer faced many conflicts and discrimination as he is also a black man.

He discussed race in America in detail and always stood by Americans. The president of America awarded him with the National Humanities Medal in 2015 for his nation’s services. 

Besides writing, he won many awards as a music composer. He received the McBride award at the American Music Theater Festival’s Stephen Sondheim in 1993. 


The writer used to live with his twelve siblings in a noisy house. All they were so dump that they had not pondered the questions about their identity. They don’t even bother what’s going on around there. 

 His mother was very softly vocal and sweet-tempered, while the writer’s father was an abusive man as he belonged to a black family of North Carolina. In Jewish terms, the mother was known as Mommy and Father, Known as daddy. 

The writer said that his black father died before his birth. There were four more children of his father from his father’s other marriage. James’ mother always taught all his children to educate themselves and teach them not to stick to racism.

This autobiography has a mixed story of the writer and his mother. He said that his mother always paid high attention to their children and sent them to the best schools to get the community’s finest education. 

Ruth, the mother of James, strongly believed in God’s powers. She was a very humble and courageous lady. The race of identity and issues of racism were always a secondary matter for her. 

There are many other knowledgeable and interesting factors in the story The Color of water. You will surely be lost in the stream of amazing words and emotions. You can download this book here or if you want to continue reading this fiction book, proceed to read more. 


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