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The Autobiography of Malcolm X


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The Autobiography of Malcolm X is written by journalist Alex Haley and human rights activist Malcolm X, published in 1965. Alex Haley wrote Malcolm X’s Autobiography by gathering information from the interviews he conducted from 1963 to Malcolm’s assassination in 1965. 

This book was first ever written by this author. He read numerous lengthy interviews of Malcolm X and was able to write this spiritual conversation. Alex Haley used to write about the African Americans and their struggle. His parents were teachers by profession, but he found writing skills in him. 

The story is based upon how Malcolm turn to Islam as a street criminal. Once you start reading this story, you will forget to come out of the mesmerizing world. This book will leave long-lasting effects on you. You will be stuck in it somehow. Although this story seems written a long time ago, it has relevant material for the modern age. This book is widely read till now.

The Autobiography tells the story of how Malcolm X spent his childhood dealing drugs and pimps. He had faced many hurdles on the way when he turned to Islam. Malcolm x remained in jail in prison for burglary. 

This is an extraordinary story of the activist how he promoted the growth of the Black Muslim movement. If you want to know everything about America, you should read this book at least once.  After reading, you will get plenty of knowledge.

Malcolm X’s Muslim name was el-Hajj Malik el-Shahbaz, who worked for the betterment of the African Americans at his best. He is known as a hero of the nation after his assassination due to this Autobiography. 


When he was in jail for being involved in a robbery, his journey to becoming a Muslim started. Eventually, he becomes a leader of a movement named Nation Of Islam.  The purpose of this movement was to establish a connection between Islam and the black nation. 

Malcolm X has inspired too many factors that urged him to turn to Islam. One of them was a discussion between him and his elder brother Reginald. His brother was a member of Detroit. 

Moreover, Being a Muslim, he left the pork, smoking, gambling, and all other evil deeds prohibited in Islam. He took part in the debates to make himself more confident to become a spokesperson for his people. 

There are many other factors that you should know about the great Malcolm X. He worked hard for the rights of black Muslims. 

We have provided the download link of The Autobiography of Malcolm X here. Click on it and illuminate your mind’s windows with spiritual content. Moreover, you can also read this book online here. 

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