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Surviving the White Gaze : A Memoir


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Rebecca Caroll is a writer who has been writing books for a long time. She has written several books about race in America. Her writing gets famous quickly. She has published a wide number of books till now. Surviving the White Gaze : A Memoir is her famous book.

Besides a writer, Rebecca is an editor, Radio broadcast producer, and creative consultant as well. She has hosted many vital broads, including Come Through with Rebecca Carroll. Her famous books are award-winning Sugar in the Raw, Voices of Young Black Girls in America, and many more. 

Rebecca was the adopted black daughter of her white parents. She has elaborated on her experience of how she lived among whites being the only black daughter. Rebecca sometimes felt down for being a black girl because all members of her family were white. 

But her birth mother, who was also white, always encouraged her and never let her down. She gave confidence to her daughter at every step of life. The author described all the feelings she had for her birth parents, adoptive parents, and her own identity in this book. 

Surviving the White Gaze: A Memoir is indeed a mirror image of the writer's life as the writer was the alone black person in her town named Hampshire, so she got caught by many personality complexes. Besides this, her childhood was full of love and joy. She was adopted by white artistic parents who loved her from the bottom of their hearts. But as she grew old, she realized the deep sense of isolation she had not felt in childhood

Carroll might have lost in her personality complex if she had not got the chance to meet her birth mother, a beautiful white woman. Her birth mother took her out of the complex life zone and made her realize that she is lovely too. 

Carroll was stuck between the love of her white parents, the attraction of her birth mother, and the need to search for her own racial identity. All the mess made her addicted to drugs. She used to do over drinking and making false boyfriends. Her journey started from wandering cities to cities. 

At least, Carroll grew mature, and she decided to choose her black parents, where she could heal her wounds. So, Rebecca finally found her own identity after a considerable struggle and living in a white childhood with a lot of pain in her heart. 

You can see all the facts about Racism in America. Surviving The White Gaze: A Memoir illuminates the facts and realities about racism. 

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