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The Hunter : An Enemies-to-Lovers Romance


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L.J Shen is a famous writer for writing adult novels. She is among the number one sellers internationally. Shen loves to write about love and romance. Her residence is in California, where she lives with her husband, a kid, and her favorite cat. Her famous book is The Hunter : An Enemies-to-Lovers Romance

The writer said traveling and making friends attracts her. But her friends complained to her that she is a ridiculous friend. She often forgets their birthdays, never wished anyone a happy Christmas, or never attended any friends’ occasion.

She is like a bold girl who can take any stand. Her enjoyments lie by spending time with her family and friends or watching movies, using NetFlix, and exploring social media. Her reading average per week is almost five books. 

The Hunter: An Enemies-to-Lovers Romance is a book full of romance by the bestseller of the world. This book consists of appealing stories and breathtaking words. You would fall in love with the characters and a new world of love.

The main character of the book HUNTER is the love of many readers. He has all the qualities that a hero should have. The story starts from where the two lovers were worst enemies before falling in love with each other. 

They both are so glamorous, sexy, sweet, and having louder laughs at their text messages and jokes. When you read this story, you must control your blood flow and heartbeat as you will find your heart melting, and may your heartbeat get increased with the flow of words. 

The heroine is so adorable and brave. They both are crazy and loveable. You would enjoy the way they complement each other and troll themselves. Hunter and sailor start living in a room for a deal which is beneficial for both. 

But this togetherness turned their lives in another direction. Starting from enmity, going through friendship, they finally reached the destination of love. Hunter and sailor both are very hot, sexy, and humorous characters in this story. There is no comparison of the writer the way she writes the love story is just matchless.

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