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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone


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J.K Rowling, a British writer, fully named Joanne Rowling. He is an enthusiastic writer who grew up in a house surrounded by a stream of books. Her father and mother were fond of reading, so they had gathered a comprehensive collection of books at their home. She wrote the books include Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. It is considered one of the top books of all the time.

She said that she had the craze of being a writer since her childhood. So, this passion enabled her to write her first-ever book at the age of just six. She wrote a storybook named Rabbit that was about rabbits.  She continued her writing journey along with her studies. At the age of eleven, she published another novel that contains information about seven cursed diamonds and people who were accused of them. 

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone is the start of her famous children's novel Harry Potter. He published this book in 1997. This book got popular in no time. No matter children or adults, everyone liked this novel from the bottom of their heart because this novel\\\'s story is stunning and emotional. Kids and elders got many things from this book as this is meant not only for children.

The story of an orphan boy hit both the kids and adults hard with its great content. This novel revolves around a ten years old boy who is funny, adventurous, and diverse.  His aunt and uncle were ruining Harry Potter’s talent because they didn’t want to let Harry know that he was a wizard-like parent.


But how long someone can restrict themselves to know the inner talent of a kid. Somehow, someday everyone recognizes his skills and abilities, which he got from God. Harry also succeeded in finding out who he actually is when he went to an infamous school for a wizard show. 

If you want to explore Harry’s whole story and how he is drawn into a mysterious world, don’t waste your time. Download and install this eBook and enjoy the fantastic scenes. 

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