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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince


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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is the 6th book by J.k Rowling in her seven series novel. This book was published on July 15, 2005, by a publisher named Scholastic. There are 652 pages in this book, forming 29 chapters in all. 

This edition covers the sixth year of Harry Potter that he spent at Hogwarts. Here you will read about the boy Lord Voldemort’s story and how Harry prepared himself to find out the boy. You will also see the final battle of harry potter against Voldemort with the help of his mentors. 

J.K Rowling has written the content of this book splendidly. There is action, fun, scary, and many other things are combined. This book has been published in many countries till now. Its first publication was in the UK by Bloomsbury and then in the USA by Scholastic.

J. K. Rowling

There was a time when this book made a record of highly sold books within 24 hours. The publisher sold almost nine million copies of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince 24 hours after its release. This book has the honor of winning the British Book of the year in 2006. 

The tone of this book is darker than its previous books as all the characters grew up. Readers can have the taste of love, trust, humor, redemption, and death altogether. Harry and Hermione are trying to find out the facts about Half-Blood Prince and who he is. 

On the other hand, Harry is also making efforts to unlock Dumbledore’s secrets for the last year along with Dumbledore. He was figuring out all the necessary clues where Lord Voldemort was involved. 


This book has a very captivating and exciting story that urges its raiders to be lost in its depth. Every single word of the story is thrilling and full of fantasy. Harry was assigned a task to recruit the new Potions teacher in Dumbledore. 

If you read the predecessors of this book, you might be thinking we all are thinking that the newly appointed teacher will be a defensive man against the Dark arts, as was happening in previous books. But here, the scenario has been changed. 

Professor Dumbledore’s efforts are matchless as he is trying to recruit the Old Potions master who had retired from duty. This character will take the responsibility to unlock the secrets that are associated with Voldemort’s past. 

For this purpose, you will see Harry working along with Dumbledore to unlock the past secrets of Voldemort, and also they are making plans and strategies on how they can defeat him. 

You are familiar with many characters that are present in the series from its first installment. So, we will see romance and love bondings being created among our teenage characters. 

This book’s unique thing is that it’s more emotional than its previous installments that we have been reading for the last five years. You can download this book from the link we have given here. However, you have the choice to continue reading online. 

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