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Daylight (An Atlee Pine Thriller Book 3)


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David Baldacci is an American writer who has been writing since his childhood. The start of his writing career is pretty funny. He wrote many books, but one of his famous book is Daylight An Atlee Pine Thriller. He said his mother used to give him a lined notebook, and he kept on writing there. 

His mother said I wished to be relaxed for some time that’s why I gave him a notebook to sit quietly. Sounds funny! David wrote many novels till now. He has written books for elders and young readers as well. 

He published the first novel of his life in 1996 named Absolute Power. Later on, a film was captured based on the script of the story. Till now, he has published 42 novels for adults and seven for his young readers. Besides this, you can find his books published in 45 languages in 80+ countries. 

Daylight (An Atlee Pine Thriller Book 3) is a book written by him having too much thrill of action, drama, and fantasy. Here you will see the story related to an Army and FBI agent whose name is Atlee Pine. Atlee Pine is working along with John Pullar, an Army CID investigator.

Atlee joined this department for a reason. She had lost her twin sister when they were only six years old. Atlee wanted that the blunder which happened to her sister should not be made with any other. 

Besides this, she also wanted to catch her sister’s kidnappers and release the victim from their custody. To find out, her sister Mercy Atlee started work with military investigation officer John Pullar. 

There are fear and danger in the surroundings everywhere. Previous cases and new cases are rising collaboratively. There are a vast number of suspects, and everyone seems to be corrupt. All the characters seem realistic, and you will feel like everything is happening in front of your eyes. 

The tale is full of twists and thrills. There is action, violence, fights, greediness, power, duplicity, and many more altogether in the story. The plot is pretty interesting and easy to understand the flow of the book. 

In short, Daylight (An Atlee Pine Thriller Book 3) has all the stuff which is necessary for adventurous content. This book shows the fine line that exists between good and evil in reality. 

If you want to know what happened to Atlee’s sister? Whether they succeeded in finding her or not? How do John and Atlee handle the case? Did Atlee find the kidnappers or not? And what chemistry had developed between Atlee and John then kept reading the whole story of this book. 

You would fall in love with all the characters when you start reading this novel. Specially Atlee’s character is so pretty. Once you start reading, you will find yourself immersed in another world of action and love. 

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