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Black Coral : A Thriller (Underwater Investigation Unit Book 2)


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Andrew Mayne is a well-known writer and creator. Not only a writer but a novelist, magician, and inventor also. He is a wall street journalist who wrote many books, including a Thriller Award finalist, Black Fall, an Edgar Award finalist Black Fall and The Naturalist. His famous book is Black Coral : A Thriller. 

Besides writing, another reason for his fame is when he swam with white sharks with an invisible stealth suit in 2019, which was part of Discovery Channel shark week. Andrew was the superhero of that show. He also owns iTricks.com and is the publisher of it. 

Till now, Andrew has published 16 novels consisting, function, action, weird life, and many more. Many of his stories remained at the top list of amazon for a long time. 

Black Coral: A Thriller (Underwater Investigation Unit Book 2) is an underwater investigation unit by Andrew after the stunning series The Girl Beneath the Sea. When you read the entire novel, you will become a massive part of it.
The story of Black Coral starts with the discovery of the lost van from the murky Florida Pond by the Underwater Investigation Unit. A long time ago, four dead bodies were lost among the young teenagers.

Andrew Mayne

They were lost when they left the rock concert many years ago. Now their dead bodies are found sealed inside the watery tomb. Authorities said it was a sad incident and tragedy for everyone. But Sloan thinks it is not a tragedy but a murder. She slowly became successful in finding the evidence from the bottom of Florida. 


When Sloan connected the clue with the clue, her final result reached the serial killer living a luxurious life without fear. But soon, Sloan’s team is kicked back by the political parties to rescue the serial killer.

She might have quit the investigation, but she found a young man killed in the town. This thing awakened Sloan’s sweeping investigation with a new thrill and enthusiasm.

The action and fantasy of this book keep on increasing with the chapters. Its thrilling taste would wrench you deep into the world of a fully energetic story. You can not stop yourself from reading this book. 

Sloan is suspended temporarily but wants to continue her work. What do you think she would have done? Has she left the profession or tried another trick to reach out to the killers? To know the whole story read this stunning novel till the end. Being a reader, I think Sloan should return to her job and solve this myth. 

To wipe off your curiosity, you can download and read this book from the link given below. We hope you will enjoy reading the mysterious story. You can also read this story online if you want. So, don’t wait to read this stunning story on the go.

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